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Digital Signage
Digital Signage Made Easy.

Digicom focuses on providing the best in complete Digital Signage solutions. With display sizes from 10" to 300", we can fill messaging requirements for any application. Content management with a variety of options from network media players to ruggedized, energy efficient PC solutions. Digicom's proprietary Player Manager Software enables expert control of digital media content with ease. We have digital media players that suit an array of digital signage applications and needs. Digicom is making digital signage a realistic, affordable, easy to maintain and remotely accessable solution for any business or institution.

Digicom focuses on providing these solutions to the following four categories of industries

1. Corporate Communication

We have the real-time, right way to control internal communications important to business. A Digicom digital signage solution is ready whenever your messages need to be broadcast. Perfect for training, and communicating with employees about corporate news, new product offerings and even emergency information. Choose from a wide variety of display sizes and network media players to meet lobby, boardroom or even campus wide communications needs.

E.g., Central Controlled Conference Room Scheduling Timely information can be uploaded, scheduled and readily changed over a corporation's network with Digicom's commercial 10" displays. The model DDS10 has an internal media player that features its own IP address so it directly communicates with the central administration office.

2. Retail and Posters

In-store messaging is perfect for getting shoppers' attention at their purchase decision time. Great for announcing sale promotions, computer-generated information or communicating a multimedia experience with audio, music, or video. You do not need an IT department – it is easy to upload, manage or change content.

Digicom's new Digital Poster products make it easy to replace those old backlit printed signs with new impactful high-definition digital posters. These new products feature built-in memory for storing high impact graphics as well as a powerful management tool featuring a content scheduler, duration timer and special effects editor for image transitions. Easy loading of content is provide through our Player Manager software which connects via WiFi, 3G or with the RJ45 Ethernet connection. Digicom's new Digital poster products are available in various sizes and models and can be free standing or wall mounted.

E.g., POS - Advertising Retail messaging is easy with Digicom's new Digital Poster family of retail displays. Information is disseminated through the Player Manager and internal connection. Wifi and 3G standing units allow for placement wherever you need them.

3. Education

Large college campuses or even schools can all benefit from an effective messaging system. Digicom's digital signage solutions offer cost-effective scalable solutions that allow you to get started immediately without the risk of obsolescence. Keeping connected to students and maintaining a safe campus is easy for administrators and faculty with a Digital Signage solution.

E.g., Campus Wide Messaging and Emergency Notification Often campus installations require that each display is able to receive its own specific information as well as to display the same information on all screens. The media player has its own IP address and is able to communicate to the master campus server having direct communication. Also, in the case of an emergency, a school now has the capability to communicate on all screens covering the whole campus.

4. Hospitality

Designed for use in public display areas as well as meeting room scheduling, digital signage can communicate with guests by displaying valuable information about events or directions as well as provide entertainment.

A Digicom digital signage solution can even be used across several different properties ensuring consistent messaging and stronger corporate branding. Create hotel property specific messages/content and manage it from a single location. Centralized control is easy and does not require individual onsite management with our network addressable media players and player manager software.

E.g., Video Wall Entertainment and Advertising The wall entertainment solutions have internal capability for setting up a video wall without the need of an expensive video splitter. All models feature a matrix setting that allows for wall configuration, up to 5x5, using one computer input. The loop through capability of these displays enables economic, simple set up for large video images.

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